Chestnut Henna

Chestnut Henna

A product made with the combination of the natural tones of browns and warm shades of red. This rich mixture of bold colours produces a shade that is not too heavy and dark and enlivens up a smart look. This colour blends very well with the hairs and provides that stylish looks which are though minimalistic but looks fashionable. The Chestnut Henna is becoming a craze nowadays with youngsters who are always ready to up their style quotient. It is one of the most sort after product from our range.

The application of this chestnut henna hair colour is very smooth, to the extent that it spreads right up to the roots. This further ensures that colour is visible is even and complete and ensures that all the greys in the hair are covered and makes it highly demanded. What’s unique about this chocolatey hue is its gloss that automatically transforms any hair, textured or straight, to a multidimensional one, making it super easy to style. Its main ingredient is Natural Henna Powder which accounts for more than 60% of the total contents w/w rather any other 100% chemical based hair colour. Thus it ensures that the hair doesn’t suffer any damage even if used over a long period of time.

Retail Packing

6 Pouches of 10 g each in one pack.

Bulk Packing

  • Bulk packing of 1 kg, 500 g, 200 g and 100 g pouches.
  • Super bulk packing of 20 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg and 50 kg bags.
  • 100 boxes of 6 Sachets each in a carton.
  • We can do customized packing also.

How to Use

Before the application of Hair colour, wash hair with shampoo or soap to clean the hair from dirt or oil and dry them. Unpack henna pouch into a bowl and pour 30ml of water and make a smooth paste. (10 gm henna plus 30 ml water). Apply the paste on hair from root to top with the help of a brush and comb. Leave no hair untouched. Wait until it is completely dry and then wash hair with shampoo and water thoroughly. After drying the hair with towel or dryer, comb the hair in desired hairstyle.

Benefits of using Bee Black Henna Hair Colours

  • Bee Black Henna Hair Colours are absolutely safe to use.
  • These colours give long lasting effect along with soft and silky appearance to your hair.
  • They impart beautiful colour to the hair.
  • They are processed using natural ingredients to give natural shine, lustre and colour to the hair.
  • These hair colours also protect the hair from falling and damaging by keeping it healthy.
  • Prepared using the most latest and safe technology and high quality ingredients.
  • They help in restoring the lost shine and moisture.
  • The complete range is available in different packaging options as per the demands.
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